Temperance River (Tofte, MN)

In honor of the end of the semester and my last weekend in the US before Thailand, Nick and I headed up to Tofte for the weekend. We had a ton of fun with Grandma and Grandpa hiking and walking around Grand Marais. To cap off the end of the weekend we decided to head to the Temperance River to enjoy one last hike. The gusting winds from the morning had died down and the sunny evening ended up being the perfect temperature.

A beautiful sunny evening

The Temperance River is different than most hikes on the North Shore because there are not really any safety measures in place on the edges of the “cliffs”.  If you wanted to bring kids to this river, they would definitely need to be on a leash or something because it would be so easy for them to tumble off the edge. Even as I approached the edge to take a photo, I would hear Grandma say “Pippy!!!” in a warning tone. It was very reminiscent of the Grand Canyon and Red Rock.


It was so nice to get away for the weekend and spend some time up north in the cool, fresh air before I spend the month in hot, humid Thailand. Plus, I got to spend the weekend with some of my favorite people! It was awesome to remember that you do not need to go to the other side of the world to see some amazing things. I have realized how lucky I am to get to do both!





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