Day 10: Phuket

Another day, another flight! Today we all headed back to the airport for our fight to Phuket. The girls had about 24 hours to recuperate between when we picked them up at the airport yesterday to when we arrived this morning, but slept well, so they were ready to go! It is so fun to have all four of us together! We are hoping that our excessive giggling is not annoying everyone around us, but hey we are having fun!

The girls got to have their first Thai breakfast this morning! There isn’t really breakfast food here though, they just have another one of their normal meals. For example, this morning we had a soup, rice, and fried chicken. I love leftovers for breakfast, so I am used to having dinner at an early hour, but some people might think it is just disgusting! Kun Pa looks very serious in the photo below, but he is actually one of the most smiley people in the house. For some reason whenever a camera is around, the Thai men do that. Kun Pa cooks all of the meals for the family. He goes to the market at 5am every morning to get the ingredients, and then prepares all three meals! They have all been very delicious!

Laura was not in the photo because she was talking to the T-word (Tom, her boyfriend). Randy always teases her about the T-word because she talks about him so much, so now we call him the T-word too:) (Sorry, Tom!)

It was interesting having to pack up all of my stuff again after fully un-packing at Randy’s. It is almost like we are taking a vacation from our vacation! After putting my backpack and hat on this morning, we realized that I looked exactly like a tourist, so Beth gave me her camera and I reached tourist level: expert. Since we stand out already, I have decided to just embrace it 🙂

At least my shorts are Thai!

Since I was the only one that had a sun hat so far, Randy took us to a straw shop so the girls could try find one before we went down to the beach. The girls are taking the opposite approach from me and are really embracing the local culture! (No they did not actually buy them, but we all have a hat now, so just picture us walking through the airport!!) TOURIST ALERT!

Another red flag that we are tourists: before our flight, Beth and Paige got Starbucks and Laura and I got Dairy Queen. We just figure that there’s no harm in getting what we like! The ice cream doesn’t taste the same here and the menu is different. They have flavors like green tea and passion fruit. Also, you know you are not in America anymore when small actually means small. I think the large size here is about this size of an American small. It is kind of nice!

Our flight to Phuket wasn’t bad, but it was raining pretty hard there, so there was a lot of turbulence coming into the city. Actually the most turbulence I have ever had on a flight. (Mom, I think you would have passed out!) We also heard “Cabin crew prepare for landing” when we were still above the ocean and didn’t see land until right before we landed, so that was interesting.

Where exactly are we landing?! Hoping to see the water with sunny skies!

We are just staying in Phuket for the night so that we can get on the ferry to the Phi Phi islands early tomorrow. After taking a taxi to our hotel, we walked around the city for a while. On our way to the hotel, our taxi driver told us, “One minute, one minute!” We thought it meant we were one minute away from our hotel, but he actually said “One minute, one minute, toilet” So, we got to see a Thai gas station! We are definitely not in the tourist area of town because everyone looked really confused about what we were doing there. We got some food at a local cafe which was delicious as always! The fish here is so fresh and is such a treat!

Lots of confusion until we saw the sign 🙂
The translation does not always come across perfectly!

We ended up at a market again and the girls got to start their Thailand shopping experience. These women running these shops were very pushy! They are very good at really pressuring you to buy things and “No thank you” does not mean much to them. You can really only walk away! We also have been improving our bargaining skills. Much like I was when buying my car and telling the salesman, “I like the price!” When he asked what I thought, Laura doesn’t mind paying full price:) We are getting better!

So many scooters!
“More colors!” “Singlet too!” Literally in your face.
The powerlines are a hot mess here!

We eventually walked back to our hotel to plan out the next few days and just relax before we get the the beach. Our hotel is actually pretty cool! Very basic, but has a very modern vibe. It’s kind of fun to switch it up!

An actual fish tank!

Different than America, all of the things on the counter and in the fridge are included in our price! However, they decided to give us some Ramen, so I don’t think we are going to take advantage of it. Maybe for breakfast?!

The forecast is not looking very good for the next few weeks (Rain every day), but we are determined to have a good attitude. It is still really warm when it rains, so we might be doing all of our activities in our swimsuits! Good thing I have a GoPro! Weather is the major wild card when you travel, so we will see what happens! There is nothing we can do except have a good attitude.  One thing is, we will fully appreciate every little bit of sun we get!


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