Day 18: A Day in Paradise

After a few incredibly long, exhausting days, we all needed a full day of rest and relaxation.  We definitely got that today! Our day started with an awesome breakfast! We knew that our resort provided free breakfast, but we didn’t know it would be this awesome! They had a chef that made us eggs to order, fresh fruit, and a variety of other hot foods. They also had some really great pastries and bread which was a treat! We have definitely missed American breakfast! We are not used to such luxury, so we keep asking, “Is this free?!”  So far, they keep saying yes, so we continue to take advantage of everything they have to offer!

Omelettes made to order? Yes please!

We literally spent the entire day at the resort, mostly by the pool. It was exactly what we needed and we appreciated every second of it.  For the first time, we could just jump in the pool when we got hot! I even took advantage of one more massage which was so nice after many days of sitting and laying on rock hard surfaces.  Laying by the pool gave us the opportunity to catch up with our family and friends! When you are traveling, it feels like your real life is on hold, so it is weird to hear about how life has just kept on going at home! My brothers were even ripping on me all the way from America, so it is good to know that nothing has changed:)

Jack- “You’ve got some nice sweat beads going there”

Beth got up early and took some beautiful photos of the pool. The awesome thing about the conversion rate here and splitting all of our lodging 4 ways is that we can stay at places like this.  It is the nicest place we have all stayed by far! The best comment about this place was from Paige’s fiancé’s sister who told Ryan, Paige’s fiancé, that he may as well aim low for their honeymoon because nothing is going to top this place! We all got a kick out of that! This trip and place will be hard to beat!

We also got to talk with Kristina and Maya!!

We all got a little bit sunburnt today, but Beth and Paige definitely win the lobster award.  Mom did tell her kids to wear sunscreen, but they didn’t listen! The UV index here is very high, so we have to be pretty careful with being in the sun too long. A lot of the people here just lay in the shade! They all want the whitest skin possible, opposite of Americans! Everyone at home is expecting us to come back very tan, so we have a lot of catching up to do before we get back.

After sitting by the pool for a few hours, we took a little tour of our resort.  We found two really cool lounge areas and even a rooftop deck! After looking over the edge to see what was surrounding our resort, we understood why we didn’t want to leave.  It really is an oasis is the desert like I thought! It is off-season here as well and there are not very many people around. Also, the resort is not very big, so we have been at the pool all day or wandering around looking for cool places to chat. You know the workers think you have a pretty lame life when one of them asked, “You leave today?” We told him we were staying at the resort and then he asked, “You leave tonight?” We explained that we were staying, and he even encouraged us, “Go pub street!”.  We didn’t even pretend to consider and just said, “We like it here!” He just looked so confused and laughed at us. Maybe all of the workers are just sick of seeing us everywhere and that was their subtle hint for us to find something to do besides hang around the resort.

Even the roof is cool!
Our view from the roof…we prefer the pool!
The cows here are so skinny!

At one point we ended up finding some swings to just sit and chat on.  They were right outside the employee break room, so we had many confused looks from employees as they came and went from the room. But hey, the swings were nice, so we just stayed! With Paige’s upcoming wedding and a probable upcoming engagement for one of my travel partners, we have had many many conversations about all things wedding. Therefore, if you were to see us chatting somewhere, chances are we are talking about something related to weddings, like we were on the swings.  It is definitely something I will remember about this trip!

Paige wins best pool outfit!

Instead of going to Pub Street, we decided to order pizza! We went down to the front desk to order and they were so confused! I don’t think it is very common for people to order pizza when they are in a foreign country known for it’s great food. However, we really didn’t feel like getting a taxi to get food and the local pizza company had free delivery, so it was perfect! It was a little bit confusing to order pizza in English, but we got it figured out.  For some reason, American dollars are very widely accepted here.  The Camodian dollar is almost worthless, so we have tried really hard to avoid withdrawing any. One US dollar is equal to 4,000 Cambodian dollars!  It has been really weird to switch back to American money after almost three weeks converting the value of Thai money to USD.

A month without pizza is too much to ask of an American!

The funniest part about us ordering pizza is that we actually ordered a second one! The first time we ordered one large pepperoni pizza, about as classic of an American order you can get! However, a large here is not the same as in America. It is probably similar to a medium which we didn’t know.  We had not eaten an actual meal since breakfast, so it just wasn’t enough! Therefore, about 10 minutes after the delivery man came to our door, we headed back to the front desk to order a second one. Talk about walk of shame! We were hungry, that’s all! And we thought the people who worked here thought we were lame before!! It is funny because I was really worried about not liking Thai food, but I guess it wouldn’t have mattered because we have eaten mostly American food. We are terrible international travelers in that sense, but we say we may as well spend our money on things that we know we like!

Way too much fun with the GoPro in the water!
“It looks like pee water to me..” -Daniel (He is just jealous)

We have had the best day relaxing in paradise! It really does feel like vacation when we can literally do nothing all day. We were laughing that by the end of this trip we will have had almost every vacation experience possible. We have stayed with a family and in a hotel, hostel, bed and breakfast, and at a resort. We have been to the mountains, the city, the countryside, and soon will be going to the beach! Each one has been so fun in a different way! I am still partial to the mountains, but we will see if the beach can give them a run for their money. Tomorrow we will reluctantly be heading to Angkor Wat. Since today was so nice not to have to deal with coordinating any transportation or being busy all day, we were tempted to relax all day again. However, Angkor Wat is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, so we figured we should at least go for a few hours. It will be good for our bodies to be out of the sun for a few hours at least!

Pool, chair, pool, chair…

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