Day 21: The Best for Last

Today we flew to our final destination, Krabi! Krabi is on the South Eastern coast of Thailand and is known for being a more relaxed access point to the beach. There isn’t as many bars or clubs here and the vibe is very low-key. Morale has been pretty low the last few days as we have spent a lot of time at the airport, so we were very hopeful that Krabi would be the boost that we needed. Thankfully, we were right!

It was so green flying into Krabi!

After grabbing our luggage, we got a taxi to take us to the pier. After changing our plans, we never did additional research about getting to our hotel and realized that we were only able to get there by long tail boat! Krabi is actually a providence and we are staying on East Railay Beach. Railay Beach is known for it’s really low key feel and a lot of people come to hike and rock climb. We wanted that vibe and the access to some other islands we want to go to. Other than that, we didn’t know much about it coming in! It was such a fun surprise seeing that we picked something so awesome!

The long tail boat ride was about 15 minutes and gave us a little taste of what was to come. This part of Thailand is known for it’s huge limestone cliffs sprinkled throughout the ocean. These huge cliffs are majorly covered in trees and foliage, so everything was very green. The water here is also so clear and blue-green. Pictures just don’t do it justice.

So excited to be at the ocean!

Before we arrived at Railay Beach, we were thinking that we were going to have to get out of our boat while it was still in the water. We heard that there were not any docks on some parts of the island, so the girls were dreading having to carry their rolling luggage over their heads through the water. Luckily, we ended up coming to the beach the back way, so we got to use the dock. The girls were so pumped. My luggage has backpack straps, so I was looking forward to validating my purchase, but no such luck. It still has been nice because Thailand definitely doesn’t do sidewalk maintenance.

The girls were so excited about the dock!

We then had about a 5 minute walk along a path next to the beach to our hotel. This one is also very nice! We have a nice view of the pool and the rooms are very clean. We have two separate rooms here, but they are right next to each other which is nice. Most rooms in Asia have only twin beds, so only two people can share a room which is very different from the US.

There is not much on East Railay Beach, so we decided to check out West Railay beach because the person at the front desk said that is where people go swim! After putting on our suits, we headed over. It was only about a 10 minute walk and gave us access to a really nice beach, restaurants, and equipment for activities like kayaks. This trip has reaffirmed the fact that being “hangry” is a very real thing, so that was our first priority.While we were eating, it was raining and windy, but almost as soon as we were done it cleared up! We met a few people on the beach that had been there for a few days and they recommended some hikes and additional beaches to check out. We have definitely learned that you need to talk to a “local” if you want to figure out where the good stuff is.

Our one hour of rain
We finally had some Thai food!

It was pretty low tide right after we got done eating, so we just sat in very shallow water and found a bunch of little snails and crabs to play with. More baby animals! The tide kept on getting lower and we eventually were just sitting in the sand, so we decided to head back and check out the beach that was suggested to us!  The photo below is of Beth trying to take a sliver out of Laura’s toe. Laura has had a health issue almost every single day this trip, so our goal is just to get her back safe. We have been rotating nurse duty:))

We got to walk through a bunch of really awesome rock formations as we made our way to the south beach, Phra Nang Beach. Railay is not an island, it is a peninsula, but many of the paths look like they were just created through the bush because you get to walk next to and under these really awesome rock formations. There are also many caves on the peninsula that we can’t wait to check out! You can’t get to the peninsula from the mainland because the limestone cliffs are so sheer and high! It gives us the vibe that we are both on the beach and in the mountains, so we are all very satisfied. It doesn’t get much better than that.

When we made it to the beach, we all could not believe our our eyes! By this time, the sun had come out and the temperature was perfect. To top it off, the view was unbelievable! The cliffs are so enormous that your brain can’t really even comprehend it. They are unlike mountains in that they are so sheer! It is almost like they appear out of nowhere. There were many rock climbers and a few people on the beach, but other than that, we pretty much got to enjoy it in peace.

After finding an empty stretch of beach, we made our way back into the ocean. The water here is pretty warm and the sand is very soft beneath your toes. As you go out deeper, there is a lot of coral on the ocean floor, but you can usually swim over it and find a little sand bar somewhere close by. We swam to a nearby little cliff and then just spent a few hours talking and laughing in the ocean. It really was like therapy for us and was exactly what we needed after being so stressed the last week. We just kept looking around and wondering if what we were seeing was real. Even though the pictures are so cool, they don’t even do this place justice. It is just so beautiful and majestic everywhere you look!

Making our way to our private beach!

After spending a few hours in the water, we got out and were able to enjoy the sunset. It was the perfect end to our day and the perfect start to our five days here. Tomorrow we will be going to the Phi Phi Islands to do some snorkeling and exploring. We are so excited to finally be at the ocean. Just having this one day of sun so far has made our trip switch worth it!! We can’t even imagine being here and never seeing the sun. We are so thankful it has worked out so far and are glad that we are ending our journey here in this amazing place.


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