Day 23: Beach Day

Today was such a nice day. It was very low key which was nice after our busy day with all of those people yesterday. First things first, we needed to find some actual food. The “mini marts” here have Ritz crackers, pretzels, and Lays potato chips and that is it, so we were desperate for some actual food. Paige had the idea to head back to the mainland to find a grocery store, so we decided to do that. We went to Ao Nang which is about 10 minutes by long tail boat. I’ve got to say, going everywhere by boat instead of taxi is pretty sweet!

After getting to the pier, we took a tuktuk (scooter taxi) to one of the local grocery stores. By now, we know which foods these grocery stores have, so we got to stock up on our usual food: peanut butter, bread, apples, Pringles, Ritz crackers, almonds, and some candy of some sort. We pretty much get all of the food that we recognize as normal food. It is not much!  I can’t wait to go to an American grocery store when we get back and be able to recognize what all of the food is. We don’t have very many options here, especially because we can’t cook anything. Don’t they know that some American tourists don’t like to eat out every meal!?

Our most interesting mode of transportation!
Notice the eggs on the shelf! Very fresh.

We had our tuk tuk driver drop us off at some of the local shops so we could grab some last minute gifts. Laura and I found out that we have the honor of being Maya’s godparents (Kristina and Dennis’s baby girl). We were so excited to have an excuse to buy little Thai baby clothes. They are so cute! Maya was actually born when Laura was in London, so Laura will finally be able to meet her for the first time on Saturday! She is the most precious baby, and we are so happy that we get to be a special part of her life.

We stopped for lunch at one of the local restaurants that had a nautical theme. It was kind of funny because even though it was ocean decor, it didn’t not belong in Thailand. It did have a super cool mural that made us want to go find a cooler place to snorkel!

We were transported to North Carolina for an hour… Never have seen a sail boat here.

We then had to walk back a little ways to the pier to take a long tail boat back to Railay Beach. We bought a big pack of water because it is really expensive where we are staying. Since you can’t drink the tap water, we have to buy it like you would buy pop at a restaurant. Our hotel gives us one complimentary bottle of water a day, but it is not enough if you don’t want to be chronically super dehydrated. It was cheaper to buy 12 bottles of water at the grocery store than one bottle of water at the restaurant we ate at today. We will never take free water for granted in America again! It adds up if you have to buy it wherever you go! Again, we were the girls walking down the street with a bunch of groceries getting very weird looks. I will definitely not mind if I never here, “Where you go? Where you go?” Asked of me by a taxi driver again.

Not your typical tourists…

After putting our new rations away, we decided to head back to our favorite beach to just relax. We all have started to read “Game of Thrones” so it was so nice to be able to just enjoy the sun and read. It hasn’t been super hot, so we are actually able to lay in the sun for longer than 5 minutes! Plus, we all have gotten some color, so we don’t have to worry about getting fried anymore. It was so relaxing!

Not a bad place to read!

We tend to be at this beach during low tide because there are less people, so instead of actually swimming, we just sit in the water. We miss the waves at Bamboo Beach! However, the water temperature here is perfect, so it is nice to just sit and chat in the water. You can just look around at the awesome scenery and be perfectly content.

So bright!
Literally always laughing. Even while being blinded by the sun.

Sweet relief on the eyes!

After many hours of being in the sun, we were so hungry, so we tried out some of our new food! Peanut butter sandwiches are just as delicious as we remembered! We were going to go on a hike, but ended up having some good quality pillow talk until it was dark. None of us were too disappointed. I am going to miss getting to talk with these girls everyday! We are at the stage in life where things can change so quick, so we were noting that it will be really fun to see where everyone is at in 6 months or even a year. Paige will be married and Laura and I will both be graduated! It is pretty crazy to think about.

Only half of the evidence of quality pillow talk

We only have two full days left in this beautiful place until we start our incredibly long journey home. We still would like to do some hiking and kayaking, so we will see if we can put down our books long enough to get off the beach!


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