Hilton Head Island

We have arrived in South Carolina! Daniel, Johnny, myself, and a few of the Kruses flew out after class on Tuesday to join the family who drove down on Saturday. This trip our family was traveling with the Kruses, Bruce and Julie Bekkala, and Grandma and Grandpa Tormanen. We heard that the weather had been awesome, so we were excited to leave the 40 degree weather behind in Minnesota. Our flight got in around midnight, so we just got settled in and went to bed so we could be rested for our first full day! 

First time biking with a map! Beautiful landscaping despite the hurricane that hit in October.
What a way to start the morning!

This semester, I started a new routine of waking up about an hour earlier than I have to. That way, I can start my morning with a good breakfast and enjoy a hot cup of coffee in the peace and quiet. There is something about the stillness of the morning that is seriously addicting. It has since become one of my favorite parts of every day! Our resort is pretty close to the beach, so I thought it would be fun to start my day there. Even better, we rented some bikes to get around, so I got to start the day with a refreshing, beautiful bike ride. What a start to vacation!

The beaches here are similar to North Carolina; grassy with soft, white sand. Very beautiful. The beach was full of people running and walking, starting their day with some exercise. It felt pretty amazing to be able to drink my coffee while hearing the waves crash, seeing the beautiful ocean, and feeling the warm sun on my cheeks. Well, even though it felt pretty warm to me, most people were in pants and hoodies. There is nothing like spring break to reveal you are from a Northern state! After heading back to the condo to eat some breakfast and collect a few siblings, we headed back to the beach! Being able to lay in the sand, feel the hot sun, and read a good book was such a treat. The weather was perfect today, not too hot, not too cold, revealed by Anna and Johnny’s massive sunburns. Because there is not blistering heat, is easy to stay in the sun all day!

Because we have such a large group, we are able to play a full game of beach volleyball and everyone has a partner for any activity like Shuffleboard or going on a bike ride. Traveling with friends makes everything more fun!

Ahh this is the life!
Does our skin reveal where we are from?!

We all spent the morning at the playing around the beach and everyone jumped in the ocean (we were the only ones even touching the water). But, our beach day was cut short because we were going zip lining in the afternoon!  We ziplined with Hilton Head Zipline and everyone had a great time, even though a few had quesy stomachs and shakey knees before we started. Each group had two guides that were great!  The course was about 2 hours long with a variety of line lengths which was fun to experience!

We were split into two groups: the boys and Amy, and the girls. Our guides were trying so hard to get us to yell and scream at each line, and it took us awhile to get giggly enough to play along. By the end, we were screeching at the top of our lungs, laughing, and our guides were so proud. It was fun to Zipline again after Thailand! The feeling of flying through the air definitely doesn’t get old! It was interesting to see how different the liability and safety process was. The rules in Thailand were a lot more lax and their safety presentation lasted about 90 seconds compared to the 30 minute demonstration we did here.

Because Hilton Head Island was built from a conservational perspective, there are no buildings higher than the trees in the area. Lucky for us, the course had a few really tall trees, so we were at the highest legal point you could access on Hilton Head Island! There are also no streetlights here because sea turtles that hatch follow the moon back to the water and if they see lights, they don’t make it to the ocean! It’s interesting to see how different areas have different policies regarding the animals and environment.

We all got nice nicknames! “Crazy Carol” “Amanduhh”

After eating, we all were pretty wiped out, and spent the evening visiting and enjoying the resort at the hot tub, playing shuffleboard, and biking around. The best part of vacation is that we can just chill! Fortunately, we have three more days to bike, swim, laugh, visit, and explore Hilton Head! What a great start to the week!


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